Aug 1st/2nd

Departure Day

Tentative departure from the US (IAD) August 1st/2nd, 2019(other gateways available). Tentative return from Saudi Arabia September 16th/17th Aug, 2019.

Aug 2nd - 6th

Arrival in Medinah

Upon arrival to Medinah International airport and after clearing customs, ground staff will guide you to your bus to be transferred to your hotel Concord Taiba, walking distance to Haram (Aug 2nd – Aug 6th ) (1ZH– 5ZH).

Enjoy the five daily prayers in the Haram. Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinner are served daily at the hotel. Moreover, enjoy the Mazarat trip in Madinah to historic sights: Jabal Uhud, Masjid Quba, Masjid Al-Qiblatin, and more.

Aug 6th - Sept 15th

Transfer to Makkah

Enter the state of Ihraam and prepare for your trip to Makkah in an air-conditioned bus. The group will then stop at the Miqat Zul Hulifa where you can make your proper intention for Umrah & Hajj. Travel by air-conditioned bus from Madinah to Makkah on August 6th/7th. Upon arrival at the 5 star Double Tree by Hilton Hotel or Similar, you will perform your Umrah. 9 Nights (Aug 6th – Sep 15th) (5 – 14ZH)

The Double Tree by Hilton is conveniently located behind the Hilton Convention Hotel which makes it easy for you to enjoy five daily prayers. An open buffet breakfast and dinner will be available at the hotel except during days of the Manaasik (days of Hajj)

Aug 8th/9th

Days of Hajj- Transfer to Mina

August 8th Night Early Morning of 9th: Transfer to Mina to North American tents

Air-conditioned tents and sofa beds will be provided. Full access to your room at Double Tree during Manaasik (Days of Hajj). A bus will be provided on Eid days for transfer between Mina and Makkah to perform Tawaf Al Ifadah, but bus availability is subject to traffic and road closures. This is a complimentary service and pilgrims in severe conditions may be forced to take a taxi to the hotel. The bus schedule will be determined by your group leader. Food: Breakfast and dinner box meals will be served at Mina camp (10-12ZH).h

Aug 10th

Days of Hajj- Arafat Day

August 10th: Travel by bus to Arafat tents.

After Maghrib Athan you will be transferred from Arafah to Muzdalifah, where you will pray Maghrib and Isha. You will also collect the pebbles for Jamarat in Muzdalifah. We will depart from Muzdalifah after the Fajr salah.

Aug 11th

Eid Day: The Days of Tashreeq

Aug 11th: Return back to Mina for breakfast and throw pebbles at Jamarat Aqabah Al-Kubra.

Go Directly from Muzdalifa to throw Jamarat Aqabah Al-Kubra. After jamarat al Aqabah and confirming with your group leader that your sacrifice is done, Cut Hair on return to Hotel We will be partially be out of the state of Ihram. Normal clothes may be worn now.

Perform Tawaf Al-Ifadah also known as Tawaf Ziyarat at your convenience, once done you are now completely out of your Ihraam.

Aug 11th - 12th

Return to Mina

Aug 11th and Aug 12th: Return to Mina and Perform Jamarat then on 12th Transfer to Makkah. Continue to stay at Makkah hotel. You can go to the Haram on your own and make sure to perform Tawaf Alwadah before departing Makkah.

Aug 15th - 16th

Departure Day

Aug 15th/16th: Prepare for departure to Jeddah according to the schedule of your flight. Travel by bus to Jeddah airport. Take flight back to the U.S. Hotel Check out is on Aug 15th.