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Deluxe Package 1 ( No Azizia )


Depart: Aug 21/22 2017

Return: Sep 5/6 2017





Madinah: Makarim 4 star behind Dallah tayyibah

Makkah: 5 Star Hotel in front of haram

Upgraded North American Camps

Hajj Visa

Travel to Madinah first

Informational Lectures

Transportation in Air Conditioned Buses

Private Bus during Hajj Days

Ziyarah (Tours) in Madinah

Breakfast and Dinner served at hotels

(except during Hajj Days)



$7800.00 each for 4 people/room

$8750.00 each for 2 people/room

Not included:

Side trips

Hajj draft $300


Sacrifice   $150

Friday March 24 , 2017
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Deluxe Package 1 Details

Package Overview

21/22 August 2017 - 5/6 September 2017

Travel Dates

Tentative departure from the US (IAD) August 21st/ 22nd, 2017
(other gateways maybe available)

Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia September 5th /6th, 2017.


Upon arrival to Medinah International airport and after clearing customs, ground staff will guide you to your bus to be transferred to your hotel Royal Makarim  located behind Dallah Tayyibah walking distance to Haram.
(Aug23 – Aug27th) (1ZH– 5ZH), We also have the option of leaving for Makkah one day early.

Madinah- Continued

Enjoy the five daily prayers in the Haram.
Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinner are served daily at the hotel.
Moreover, enjoy the Mazarat trip in Madinah to historic sights: Jabal Uhud, Masjid Quba, Masjid Al-Qiblatin, and more.


Transfer to Makkah

Enter the state of Ihram and prepare for your trip to Makkah in a an air-conditioned bus.
The group will then stop at the Miqat Zul Hulifa where you can make your proper intention for Umrah & Hajj.
Travel by air-conditioned bus from Madinah to Makkah on August 27th or 26th.

Upon arrival at the 5 star Marriott Hotel or Similar, you will perform your Umrah.
10 Nights (Aug27th – Sep5th) (5 – 14ZH)


The Marriott hotel is conveniently located facing the Haram which makes it easy for you to enjoy five daily prayers.
An open buffet breakfast and dinner will be available at the hotel except during certain days of the Manasek ( days of Hajj )


MANASIK Third ( 8-12ZH)

August 30th : Transfer to Mina in North American tents. Tents are air-conditioned and Sofa beds will be provided.

Full access to your room at Marriott during manasek ( days of Hajj )
A bus will be provided on Eid days for transfer between Mina and Makkah to perform Tawaf Al Ifadah, but bus availability is subject to traffic and road closures. This is a complimentary service and pilgrims in severe conditions may be forced to take a taxi to the hotel.
The bus schedule will be determined by your group leader.
Food: Breakfast and dinner box meals will be served at Mina camp (10-12ZH).


Arafat Day

Travel by bus to Arafat tents.
After Maghrib Azan you will be transferred to Muzdalifah to pray Maghrib and Isha.
You will also collect the pebbles for Jamarat in Muzdalifah. Depart Muzdalifah after Fajr.

10th ZH Eid Day: The days of Tashreeq

Return back to Mina for breakfast and throw Jamarat Aqabah Al-Kubra.
After jamrat al Aqabah and confirming with your group leader that your sacrifice is done.
You will be transferred back to the Marriott hotel to change and get partially out of the state of Ihram.
Perform Tawaf Al-Ifadh at your convenience, once done you are now completely out of your Ihram.

11ZH to 13ZH

Perform Jamarat then Transfer to Makkah. Return to Mina.

Perform the final Jamarat and depart to the Marriott Hotel
Continue to stay at Makkah hotel. You can go to the Haram on your own and make sure to perform Tawaf Alwadah before departing Makkah.

Departure Day

Prepare for departure to Jeddah according to the schedule of your flight.
Travel by bus to Jeddah airport. Take flight back to the U.S.

Package includes:

  • Imam and Group Leader

  • Miraj Travel Travel ID

  • Miraj Travel Travel Luggage Tags

Package does not include:
  • Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing ($ 300 expected cost)

  • Prices are based on travel from IAD gateway. Other gateways maybe available based on your departure city. Extra fees will be charged.

  • Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (Expected $150)

  • Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia.

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